About Us

Our Vision

Aidenvironment believes in a sustainable world where there is respect for people and nature; where irreversible damage to ecosystems is avoided; where global production, trade, finance and consumption are fair and sustainable; and where governments, companies and civil society organizations work together. As a non-profit we want to contribute to the world’s global challenges with innovative solutions.

Our Values

Value 1
Sustainability impact is at the core of what we do.
Value 2
We consider our partners and clients as allies in our sustainability mission. We are committed to engage with different types of stakeholders in creating impact and inspiring others.
Value 3
We collaborate with our partners and clients on the basis of respect, honesty and fairness – expecting the same in return.
Value 4
We always strive to produce excellent work that pushes our partners and clients to perform better.
SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation

Our rainwater harvesting programmes have provided access to dinking water for communities in Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

SDG 12 Sustainable production & consumption

Our advisory work has helped development agencies implementing systemic solutions for large-scale promotion of sustainable agri-commodity production.

SDG 13 Climate action

Our data-driven research has made financial institutions and companies take action against deforestation.

SDG 15 Life on land

Our implementation support has restored landscapes in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

Our Approach:

We combine landscape and value chain thinking and link these with market and governance dynamics. We use transparent methods and work closely with our clients and partners. Our services include analytics, strategic advice, implementation support and evaluations.

Our Team

The Aidenvironment team is passionate about sustainable development and determined to contribute to positive change. We share a wide-range of thematic, analytical, GIS, strategic and process-oriented capabilities. We have a good understanding of realities on the ground and an extensive international network, including staff in Indonesia and Uganda.

Supervisory Board

Aidenvironment has a Supervisory Board. The duties of the Supervisory Board are to supervise the policy of the General Manager and Aidenvironment’s affairs in general. It assists the General Manager with advice. The General Manager’s decisions that are subject to approval by the Supervisory Board include the following: appointment of the registered accountant, adoption of the budget and the annual accounts, determination of and changes to policy plans formulated for any year or a series of years.

The Supervisory Board of Aidenvironment consists of: Anneke Slob (Chairperson Supervisory Board), Toon Luttikhuis (Member Supervisory Board), Paul van Ruiten (Member Supervisory Board) and Myrthe Haase (Member Supervisory Board).

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Member of the Supervisory Board
Member of the Supervisory Board
Member of the Supervisory Board

Corporate Social Responsibility


As a not for -profit organization we try to walk the talk ourselves on a day-to-day basis. We developed our own sustainability guidelines to reduce our CO2 footprint. 

We back up our words with actions on a daily basis and CSR is a major part of that. Over the last year, we have developed our own sustainability guidelines in order to reduce our CO2 footprint, including reducing international travel by 25% compared to the previous year.  We also donate money every year to worthwhile causes nominated by staff members. The selection process is in full swing and soon we will be able to share the selected initiatives.

Aidenvironment is a member of MVO Nederland  and UN Global Compact. MVO Nederland is a knowledge and network organization for corporate social responsibility (CSR), supporting businesses in making their processes and practices more sustainable. Download the CSR statement.

HCSA commitment: Aidenvironment will work to support/promote the application of the HCS Approach to put no deforestation into practice.

Code of Conduct

Aidenvironment has also developed a Code of Conduct which is always communicated to our clients and added to our quotations as a basis of our quality of work and relations with clients.

Being a Dutch legal entity, the operation and management of Aidenvironment must follow
Dutch Law and Regulations. The Compliance Officer ensures that the Director, Management Team and employees follow these rules and regulations and that behaviour within the organization meets the Code of Conduct. A designated Compliance Officer can be contacted to report concerns. They will ensure an anonymous complaint channel.

We are committed to ensuring that no one suffers any detrimental treatment on the work floor, such as (verbal) aggression and violence, sexual or any other type of intimidation, bullying and discrimination. A designated confidential counsellor can be contacted to report complaints, and he or she will ensure an anonymous complaint channel.

Aidenvironment’s Compliance Officer is Sarah Drost:

Aidenvironment has both an internal and external confidential counsellor.
Internal: Niels Lenderink:
External: Mirjam Lamark:

Aidenvironment is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, number 41208024