Deforestation & Finance

Deforestation & Finance

All pathways to limit global warming to 1.5 ⁰C rely on maintaining forests as carbon sinks. However, global deforestation is accelerating, which is also linked to loss of biodiversity, land grabbing, water scarcity and other sustainability threats. Concerted efforts by supply chain actors and financiers can curb this worrying trend.



Tropical deforestation is driven by agricultural expansion, for example palm oil, soy and cattle production. Agricultural commodity companies and their investors are key actors in changing global supply chains for the better. Recent years have seen a surge in zero-deforestation commitments, increased transparency and data availability, as well as corporate responsible sourcing policies. However, timelines are unlikely to be met, deforestation is accelerating and companies remain exposed to deforestation risks in their supply chains.

Through data driven and in-depth company and supply chain analysis, Aidenvironment urges the private sector and its investors to incorporate deforestation into their decision-making processes. Aidenvironment conducts near real-time monitoring of deforestation in global commodity supply chains. It also conducts sustainability risk analysis for investors, with specific focus on deforestation. It works in partnership with civil society organizations, research institutes and the private sector.


• Sustainability and financial risk analysis of companies in tropical commodity value chains.
• Near real-time monitoring of third-party suppliers.
• Benchmark studies on zero-deforestation policies and Implementation.

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