Accountability Systems and Reporting

Aidenvironment aims to reduce pressure on forests from agricultural commodity supply chains by influencing and acting as an accountability system for companies in the agriculture sector. Through remote satellite imagery, supply chain analysis, partnerships with on-the-ground approach, and millions of datasets from Aidenvironment’s collaboration with CSOs, the Forest Team’s projects use robust data to provide actionable information to companies, investors, media and NGO stakeholders. Through data driven and in-depth company and supply chain analysis, Aidenvironment urges the private sector and its investors to incorporate deforestation into their decision-making processes.

Our Services

Aidenvironment manages robust data on deforestation and supply chain actors through aggregated public sources, direct engagement with companies and ground-level investigations. Our dataset is unmatched in the sector and enables us to deliver specific data needs and services to our partners.

Real-time monitoring
We conduct near real-time monitoring of deforestation in global commodity supply chains.
Sustainability risk analysis
We conduct sustainability risk analysis for investors, with specific focus on deforestation-linked business and financial risks faced by companies.
Work in partnership
We work in partnership with civil society organizations, research institutes and the financial and private sectors on projects that increase knowledge, awareness and innovation in sustainable food systems.
Benchmark and research studies
We provide benchmark and research studies on zero-deforestation policies and implementation for investor alliances, industry groups and certification bodies.


Our expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of forest-risk supply chains and their climate impact. Aidenvironment’s Intelligence System has extensive data sets on the soy, cattle and palm oil supply chains and farmland markets, with groundwork developed for the pulp and paper sector.

Our approach

Aidenvironment’s projects and services are enabled by a focused deep-dive approach on data analysis, with the following building blocks:

Multi-faceted basis of intelligence building on large datasets: geospatial location data, land use change, corporate structure, land ownership, supply chain relationships, sustainability policies and finance flows;
Smart use of publicly available data for independent and actionable monitoring of land use change and its links to commodity supply chains;
Analysis of supply chain actors’ climate impact on the basis of independent sources and going beyond companies’ self-reporting;
Integration of field investigations and on-the-ground contextual information for a comprehensive analysis and increased accuracy in tracing supply chain linkages
Near real-time monitoring and up-to-date information, including new evidence of deforestation and fires;
Selective scope of most relevant commodities driving deforestation and the most influential actors within selected sectors as levers of change.

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