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Aidenvironment’s existing programs on cattle, soy, and palm oil have resulted in strengthened sustainability practices of transnational corporations such as Louis Dreyfus, Cargill, Bunge, Tyson, Carrefour, Unilever, and Mars, among many others.

Chain Reaction Research

A consortium project, Chain Reaction Research, has trained 7,630 financiers on deforestation risk and contributed to over 15 financial institutions with a total of nearly $4 trillion assets under management incorporating deforestation in their investment criteria and engaging portfolio companies on deforestation.


Financiers trained on deforestation


financial institutions reached

Real-time Deforestation Monitoring

Aidenvironment’s Real-time Deforestation Monitoring provides near real-time data on deforestation events linking it to responsible actors within cattle and soy supply chains.  Through the project, Aidenvironment has monitored over a million data points that allowed us to map and analyse land use change, including native vegetation clearance and fire events, and its links to supply chains, companies, and financial actors in the high-risk regions. Aidenvironment produced monthly deforestation reports that have been acknowledged by traders and producers, with Cargill and ADM using the reports to conduct further investigations on their suppliers. Reports have also inspired journalistic pieces by publications such as The Guardian and GRAIN and used as evidence in investigations by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Corrente, Piauí Brazil and to support legal action against French retailer Casino Group for links to illegal deforestation in the Amazon.

Domestic Market Transformation

Through the Domestic Market Transformation project in Indonesia, Aidenvironment increased key actors’ awareness of the palm oil leakage market and stimulated discussions with 15 public and private sector institutions that advanced solutions for sustainable biofuel and palm oil production. With a multi-stakeholder engagement strategy, the project represented the voices of multiple sectors in discussions with regulators, including Pertamina, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Financial Service Authority (OJK). The project informed the local industry’s biggest players Wilmar, First Resource, PT Mina Mas, and Sampoerna of gaps in their NDPE compliance and paved the path for stronger NDPE implementation. In its partnerships with local CSOs, the project sparked the founding of Koalisi Clean Biofuel for All, a CSO alliance advocating “clean, sustainable and just” biofuel production that result in no negative impact on the environment and local communities.

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