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The leather industry has strong links with cattle-driven deforestation in Brazil. Over 80 percent of Brazilian leather is exported and used in the automotive, footwear and upholstery sectors. Aidenvironment’s projects and collaboration with partners aim to increase awareness on the sustainability risks in the leather supply chain, and influence key actors and stakeholders to commit to zero-deforestation policies.

The European automotive industry’s contribution to deforestation in Brazil 2021

Commodities: leather
Geography: Brazil
Target Audience: companies, NGOs, consumers
Date: 2021- ongoing

Rainforest Foundation Norway commissioned Aidenvironment to conduct an analysis of the deforestation risk within the supply chains of European car manufacturers that purchase leather from Brazil. The analysis found that the lack of transparency across the entire supply chain conceals traces of deforestation and makes verification impossible for companies and third parties. The report makes several recommendations of how to solve these issues, including the adoption of zero deforestation policies by all actors across the supply chain. More information on the report’s findings and media citations here.