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Green Future Farm Project

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The Green Future Project is funded by the IKEA foundation. The four-year project is aimed at providing learning on how productive livelihoods and local agricultural business opportunities can be created. The project does this by combining investment in landscape restoration and management, mainstreaming regenerative agriculture and strengthening local value chains. This helps make rural economies more dynamic, which provides a good green future for many, particularly for women and young people in different parts of East Africa. The project is led by a 3R (3R meaning reuse, recharge and retention of water resources) consortium made up of MetaMeta, RAIN, Justdiggit and Acacia Water.

The project has opportunities to positively impact productivity with a system of agriculture and pastoralism that is regenerative and not exhaustive, that increases water availability and vegetation cover in a wide range of agricultural practices. We provide a number of investment options in the programs that young farmers can buy into to increase production, explore opportunities along the coffee value chain and other value chains. Mobilizing private sector investment in circular agriculture, or innovative credit and finance facilities that stimulate farmers and pastoralists to invest in the sustainability of their lands.

The activities in the value chain include collaboration on loan products through Village Saving and Loans, premium pricing, standard control of coffee and transportation. Develop more opportunities in the service sector in relation to coffee production (processing, quality control, growing shadow trees) and in general agri-services (storage, improved inputs, transport). Stakeholders engagement – Ministry of Water and Environment through the Catchment Management Organization, Coffee buyers/processors, VSLAs/micro credit schemes, guarantee funds, Cement factory and District local government

For more information, please contact Esther Piracel