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Implementing a wildlife corridor in Indonesia

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Sustainable palm oil plantation management in West Kalimantan.


ISLA West Kalimantan is one of the six landscape initiatives of IDH. In partnership with IDH and Fauna and Flora International, Aidenvironment creates a sustainable landscape program in West Kalimantan. The aim of the program is to promote sustainable economic development while maintaining the environmental values of the region. The program focuses on “on the ground” interventions, as well as governance support. The program consists of various pilot projects that together contribute to the landscape as a whole.



One of the first pilots implemented through the program is the establishment of a wildlife corridor on plantation and community land. As a result, the migration of Orangutans between two remaining portions of tropical forest in West Kalimantan could be secured. The private sector, mainly palm oil companies, play an important role in these pilot projects in terms of implementation and co-funding.


For more information, please contact: Chris Wiggs