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National embedding of the Better Cotton Standard System

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Design of a monitoring system.


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has the objective to ‘nationally embed’ the Better Cotton Standard System in each country where the BCI is active. The assumption is that if national governments, public or other institutions embrace Better Cotton, they will contribute to widespread adoption and mainstreaming of better cotton principles and practices, as well as potentially become (or directly support) implementing organisations in their own right. To be able to assess the extent to which Better Cotton is becoming embedded, BCI needed to develop a monitoring framework. BCI asked Aidenvironment to design this monitoring system.


Diving into the project

Aidenvironment set out to define what is meant by ‘national embedding’ and proposed a set of outcome indicators that can be used to determine when a certain threshold of national embedding has been achieved. We developed guidance for credible and timely data collection on these indicators across the countries where BCI is working. The monitoring system then details how the actual assessment of progress for the defined indicators can be done, including detailed protocols for data collection on the defined indicators.


For more information, please contact: Jan Willem Molenaar or Jan Joost Kessler