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Rain for Sale: Innovative water business approach in Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia

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Introducing the collection, storage and sale of rainwater rural and urban environments.


The problem we address with our Rain for Sale projects revolves around the decreasing water availability and the increasing costs and efforts incurred by vulnerable members of society to access water, particularly women.

Aidenvironment provides an innovative solution to this problem, through introducing the collection, storage and sale of rainwater in rural and urban environments. Under the Rain for Sale project, local entrepreneurs are provided with a loan, a grant and technical support to invest in rainwater harvesting infrastructure, including roof, gutter, , pipes, filters, tank and taps. This enables the entrepreneurs to sell the collected rain water to the local communities. Before the implementation of the projects, Aidenvironment conducted research on:

  • Demand for the service and willingness to pay and drink rainwater.
  • Competing water services Government priorities and support
  • Best conditions for a rainwater harvesting business



Rain for Sale pilots have been rolled out in three countries in East Africa. Rain for Sale now runs without support in Uganda and Rwanda; and has just started in Ethiopia.

The final beneficiaries of the Rain for Sale projects in Uganda and Rwanda now access water through the Rain for Sale entrepreneurs on a daily basis. With the revenues of their business, the entrepreneurs are able to pay back their loans and interest.

This programme is implemented under RAIN – an Aidenvironment brand.


For more information, please contact: Niels Lenderink