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Rwambu landscape program: Restoring the water buffer in Uganda

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Implementing an Integrated Water Resource Management system in the Rwambu Valley.


In development work the sectoral approach to WASH and land use management tended to be looked at as different and exclusive programs. And yet in real life the water problems are connected with land problems, sanitation problems and with nature. The same in Rwambu, Western Uganda.

In 2012 RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment) through the Dutch WASH Alliance,  started an integrated approach to agricultural land management, wetland protection and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). More specifically we aimed to demonstrate how wetland restoration and management coupled with in-situ rainwater harvesting could be integrated at catchment level to sustain WASH.



The Rwambu area faced several inter-connected challenges, such as encroachment on the wetland for crop farming, reduced soil fertility on the slopes and reduced dry-season-yield of boreholes, increased runoff resulted into a reduced water table and consequently the drying of springs and boreholes on the hill slope. Due to our involvement:

  • Agricultural production in targeted farms with in situ water measures increased by 40% due to stone bunds, Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini terraces.
  • Waterlevel in targeted borehole went up 3 meters attributed to water harvesting methods
  • 6 shallow wells constructed with appropriate recharge measures in place.


This programme was implemented under RAIN – an Aidenvironment brand.


For more information, please contact: Maarten Onneweer