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Sub-Catchment Management Planning

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Development of three Sub-Catchment Management Plans for Lokere catchment, in Karamoja Region, Uganda

Aidenvironment has developed Sub-Catchment Management Plans. The catchment planning process included research and assessment, continuous stakeholder engagement, resource mapping and the development of interventions. This is to build the knowledge and planning base for the Welthungerhilfe project titled “Protection and Conservation of Lokere Catchment to Improve living conditions in Karamoja and Teso region” (2019-2021).

Karamoja and Teso region experience issues such as severe soil erosion and landscape degradation, low agricultural productivity, non-functional water infrastructure, and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. This project, which included extensive field work and continuous stakeholder engagement, assessed the status of the three sub-catchments in terms of water resources and socio-environmental issues, developed corresponding maps and compiled a diverse portfolio of budgeted intervention options.

These plans will continue to provide the vehicle for learning about the physical, social, economic and environmental conditions and characteristics of the catchment, people’s aspirations and needs, potential development opportunities and problems, risks and threats that need to be addressed. Since this type of comprehensive planning at the sub catchment level had not been done in the region before, the need for the plan was recognized. The management plans provide a common framework for the catchment management planning teams and other stakeholders and help to create awareness and understanding of the catchment planning process and its value in supporting sustainable, equitable and more rapid economic growth and livelihoods.