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WASH Alliance International (WAI) sub programme Agago District, Uganda

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RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment) is implementing the WASH Alliance International (WAI) sub programme in Agago District in Northern Uganda, as part of Agago sub-catchment. The WAI is a multi-national network of partners worldwide working together with local NGOs, governments and businesses, research institutes or (local) media to make sure everybody on this planet has sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene. WAI envisions a world where all people have access to sustainable and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene services. This is a world where all people can live under hygienic living conditions to improve their health, dignity and economic living standards.

As part of the activities under the project in Uganda, RAIN is generating evidence through action research and pilot projects, community action planning, linkages between and contribution of integrated WASH to other sectors, developing knowledge products, and awareness creation on and delivering practical trainings on linkages between water security and climate resilient WASH.


Priority Investment Options (PrIOs)

IWRM and WASH interventions for Agago Sub-Catchment

For 2020 – 2022, WASH Alliance International intends to expand the geographical scope of implementation, to include the entire Agago sub-catchment. A Priority Investment Options Report (PrIOR) has been developed in a participatory way based on an IWRM framework to give the partners a head start in aligning their activities to the “IWRM thinking”. PrIOs are essentially a detailed portfolio of concerted interventions in a project area. This means it is not only a list of all possible interventions, but an integrated plan, where activities build up on one another. This allows for more efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of activities, especially if multiple stakeholders are involved and play a role in implementation.

Agago Sub-catchment, which is part of Aswa catchment, is located in the north of Uganda and includes parts of Agago, Abim, Kotido, Pader and Otuke Districts. The area is semi-arid and experiences problems both with dry spells and floods, often exacerbated by erratic rainfall patterns due to climate change. Other issues include landscape degradation, deforestation, wetland encroachment and a variety WASH-related issues. This project is concerned with devising a plan of concerted interventions to ensure the sustainable use of water and related natural resources, improve sanitation and hygiene, and bolster the climate resilience of the targeted communities.

For more information on the plans please contact Sarah Nalumansi


Water Harvesting by Rock Catchment in Agago

Under the Uganda WASH Alliance sub-programme, RAIN has had a positive impact on communities through implementation of initiatives towards improved access to water for different purposes. One initiative involves the harvesting of water from rock outcrops, to make portable water available for people. The “Water Harvesting by Rock Catchment in Agago” aims to improve access to clean and safe water through the construction rock catchments in Paimol and Lapono sub counties, in Agago district. Some community masons were equipped in a hands on construction skill during the construction of the tank reservoir. Involvement of community members in projects activities improves their sense of ownership and greatly contributes towards their operation and maintenance of projects.

For more information on this project please contact Raymond Tumuhaire