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Land & Water Management

When actors start thinking with the landscape and make use of integrated water strategies and technologies, the area can become productive in the long-term.


Water scarcity currently affects over 40 percent of the world’s population and this is expected to increase with rising populations and a growing demand for food. In areas with low and irregular rainfall, poor water management causes water shortages for consumers, farmers, herders, artisans and industries.

Aidenvironment advises governments, non-profits and companies on efficient, effective and sustainable management of land and water resources. We offer nature-based solutions to expand water buffering in the landscape. We advocate recharge, retention and reuse of rain and surface water, which is called the 3R approach. We also implement projects in rainwater harvesting within different landscapes around the world: from the mountain rainforest of Nepal to the desert of North Africa. Part of these projects is implemented under the name RAIN. Through our three offices in Europe, East Africa and Asia we operate in multiple landscapes and regions and respond to a broad range of questions raised.


• Environmental and social impact assessments of water, sanitation and hygiene projects.
• Support of water governance structures and integrated catchment management planning.
• Engaging with agricultural and other industries to enhance long-term sustainable production.
• Business model development (including micro-finance) for rain water harvesting.

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