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Fire Alerts on Industrial Tree Concessions show the Need for Community Engagement

Ten industrial tree concessions together had over 1,500 NASA fire alerts on their concessions in Indonesia’s dry season of 2021, analysis by Aidenvironment shows. Aidenvironment investigated all industrial tree concessions in Indonesia, to identify the companies with highest number of fire alerts.

By Judith Knibbe 4 weeks ago
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African oil palm expansion slows, but reputation risks remain

Although West and Central Africa have been promising regions for large-scale palm oil production, expansion has not gone as planned. Under its Chain Reaction Research consortium, Aidenvironment published its latest report on palm oil developments in Africa.  

By Judith Knibbe 2 months ago
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Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil?

Aidenvironment palm oil expert Chris Wiggs reflects on gaps and opportunities in palm oil sustainability, following Innovation Forum webinar “Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil”.

By Judith Knibbe 4 months ago
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Banking on Palm Oil in Southeast Asia

A new report by Aidenvironment’s partner Gulzhan Musaeva examines the exploitation of land resources by the palm oil sector and the role of banking institutions in this process. The report focuses on the two leading producing nations of Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and neighbouring Singapore. The biggest local financiers — whose exposure to forest-risk sectors is among the highest in the world — have been evaluated on their overall progress in the area of sustainable finance and palm oil specific policies.

By Judith Knibbe 5 months ago
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World’s Palm Oil Buyers Need Cross-Commodity No Deforestation Policies

In August, Aidenvironment published a new report highlighting 133,000 hectares of deforestation by ten companies in the industrial tree plantation sector in Indonesia and Malaysia since 2016. All these companies operate oil palm plantations and are suppliers to some of the world’s largest palm oil refiners and traders. These refiners/traders all operate under No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policies that commit them to preventing deforestation by their suppliers.

By Judith Knibbe 7 months ago