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Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil?

Aidenvironment palm oil expert Chris Wiggs reflects on gaps and opportunities in palm oil sustainability, following Innovation Forum webinar “Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil”.

By Judith Knibbe 4 months ago
Forest Section News, Highlights, News

PT Hutan Produksi Lestari continues to clear Orangutan Habitat in Indonesia

The Indonesian company PT Hutan Produksi Lestari has cleared 755 hectares of forest between January and August 2021. This makes it the fourth largest deforester for industrial trees in Indonesia in 2021 so far. Since January 2020, the company has owned an industrial tree concession of 10,050 hectares in Kapuas district, Central Kalimantan province. The concession falls within the habitat of the Critically Endangered Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus).

By Judith Knibbe 7 months ago
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Connecting EU Timber Operators to Tropical Deforestation-linked Timber

Aidenvironment has recently finalized a study for the environmental law charity ClientEarth on the EU timber market. The study is part of a wider project on the role of timber operators in forest governance, in the framework of two tools to combat illegal logging: Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) and the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). The study ultimately aims to inform on whether these tools are still “fit for purpose”.

By Judith Knibbe 7 months ago