Monalisa Nauli Pasaribu - Aidenvironment

Monalisa N. Pasaribu has a background in Forest Management at Tanjungpura University. During the height of illegal logging in West Kalimantan in the late ‘90s to early 2000, Monalisa got involved in wildlife poaching investigation, and consequently in the first orangutan population census in Ketapang, West Kalimantan Indonesia. Following this experience, she chose to inspire changes by getting involved in environmental education for children and adults. Since 2011, she started to work extensively with local government agencies and the national park management body, connecting them with local communities and private companies to develop sustainable livelihood alternatives for people living next to the forest. She is strong in local government engagement as well as in project management. At present, she holds the position of Program Coordinator in Ketapang, West Kalimantan.